With the release of WM 1.5.17 and the new FrV Sidekick 0.0.31, players will now be able to count both Pioneer Trail and FrontierVille as one appID, one game. This is advantageous becuase some players have not, or will not switch over to the PT engine and will continue posting with the old appID.

The new sidekick now masks the PT appId with the original FrV appID and will assume PT is Frontierville. This is a new feature to WM 1.5.17 and the new sidekick will not work without it. Please update both the main script and the FrV Sidekick ASAP.

4 new option blocks exist in the frontierville section for your enjoyment, however they are fairly vague at the moment as to what each item goes to. If it matters, I will eventually break them down into sub-plots, instead of just map locations. I expect Zynga will be adding a ton more map locations and/or goals per map.

I also took the time to prioritize Prize Tickets into quantities just like coins/xp/food etc. You can find them with the "Coins Wood & Gifts" tab.

As of this version, this Sidekick WILL NOT sign you up for any positions on teams. That part is still a work in progress and I need to determine its limits and functions before I automate that part.

And here is something I noticed earlier, but they might have fixed it already. Daily counts were available per each appId. For instance if you could get 50/30 in frontierville and another 50/30 in pioneer trail. You may find that the counter on the sidekick window fluctuates up and down, so just know that its probably related to that issue, which I am sure Zynga will not let stand for long.

Bug reporting for the PT section of the FrV sidekick is now open. Place all your bug and missing bonus reports on the proper wiki pages for best results. I dont want to ignore anybody, but if they get put in the back alleys of this wiki, it certainly makes it harder to keep clean and keep up with requests. Thank you.

Now go enjoy it!