This is a list of things I am working on, or working toward.


  • Some kind of gift acceptor for frontierville that works as well as the message center assistants
  • Create an updated and better sidekick tutorial kit

Upgrades for WM Script

Option Menu

  • Ability to output and save your current options
  • Ability to switch between sets of options
  • Display revamp for options menu

Display Mode

  • Ability to report missing or mismarked bonus via direct post to this wiki site or my talk page while using dev mode
  • Fetch all posts first, then grab by type and given quantity you want

Dynamic Grabbing

  • Ability for user to create "dynamic grabbing" entries per installed sidekick.
  • Like feed filters and masterswitches, dynamic grab boxes will be standard with each sidekick and will not need to be hard-coded by sidekick creators.

Sidekick Dev Changes

  • Ability to omit alias from every definition, and then have the main WM script append your appID instead of an alias, while at the same time allowing already built scripts to retain their alias and avoid a rewrite.