Special Message for Sidekick DevsEdit

As of 4/19/2013, we've noticed that firefox 20.0.1 has some loose control over postmessage calls. This means that sometimes your message from the sidekick will never reach the host. Alternately the security surrounding postmessage from different urls has changed without documentation. Either way, we need to make a change to keep sidekicks running fluidly and keep the timeouts down.

In your sidekicks is a flags parameter, of which may contain a flag called postmessageCompatible. If you've set that to true as suggested in the tutorial, please set it to false for now until this issue is resolved.

This flag is part of the chrome support initiative, but since chrome has a big gaping hole in this same foundation, that initiative is scrapped for now. That makes that flag fairly useless. Setting the flag to false will make your sidekick function as it did for WM2 without any WM3 enhancements, nothing more.

Welcome to the WM Sidekick Development PageEdit

Since the release of WM 1.5, users can create their own Sidekick scripts by following the Sidekick Tutorial.

Use the comments section below as a makeshift development forum.

Not a Developer? Request a sidekick!Edit