Review of Wall Manager Sidekick (FV) Edit

Details Edit

The FarmVille Sidekick was created to help users who preferred this Wall Manager script collect for FarmVille without having to use multiple managers at once.

Although this script family is originally based on the FVWM script, there had been so many modifications to this code that FVWM was more of a pain to run with this script at the same time than it was sometimes worth. And due to intended changes with WM 1.5, it was seeming more and more that FVWM might never work with this script again.

I started out collecting all the information from the FV game that I could find, relying on the original FVWM to get an idea of how that script functioned at that time. My intent was to make it as close to the original FVWM as possible so that users who made the transition would not be lost in the dark.

DDM, the person Joe Simmons left in charge of FVWM was certainly hesitant at first, but we began working closely together to find out what we could make better. There was a lot really. While working on the FV Sidekick we came up with a set of useful functions which allowed us to process multiple "tests" at once in a short time, yet still have easy to assemble, and fairly easy to read code.

It was also during that time that the WM developed the ability to select elements in groups, and even to use the tab control that its Options Menu now sports.

The FV Sidekick was the first in hopefully a large collection of sidekicks created, at least in part, by people other than myself. It has continued to be a joint effort, however DDM is fully in control of the script right now.

It's a great addition to the WM family of scripts and only continues to get better.

--Merricksdad 19:43, November 2, 2011 (UTC)