fb wall manager
Monitor and collect FB game bonuses
FB Wall Manager is a GreaseMonkey script that assists you with collecting and sending items and bonuses for specific social media games and apps on Facebook. Monitor, manage and create rules and limits for collecting each bonus type for your favorite games.
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Don't Miss A Bonus
Collect bonuses from your facebook home feed and send gifts to all your friends.
Install Attachments
Attach sidekick scripts like plug-ins to collect bonuses for more games.
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Detailed Options Menu
Be as specific as you want with the easy to use options created by each sidekick.
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Update Automatically
WM and its sidekicks each rely on the auto-update feature built into GreaseMonkey to keep all your bonus collecting up to date.
Manage Feed Sources
Collect from feeds other than your own. You can collect from a friend, or from any public profile.
Dynamic Grabbing
Build your own search codes and collect bonuses your sidekicks don't have. Online tutorials show you how.
Create Priorities and Limits
Limit the collection of certain bonus types, or set priorities on the ones you really need first.
Construct Your Own Plugins
Build your own sidekick scripts using online tutorials and share them with your friends.
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