Are you having problems seeing the Options Menu on the navbar?

Facebook does not play nicely and does not reload a page when a link is clicked that has the same base address (ie. This causes an issue with GreaseMonkey scripts in that it may cause your script to think you are on the right page, but its not, and to think its on the wrong script, but its not. To bypass this, try this temporary work around:

  1. Set your page to be where you want it for this script to run, such as choosing home (, news feed (, games (, most recent ( or a friends list. You may find at this point there is no Options Menu or any activity from the WM script. Hold shift and then click the browser's refresh button. If this still doesn't fix the problem try #2
  2. As above, except hold CTRL when you click. This will open the page in a new tab/window, giving you a fresh local cache. Close the window you just came here from.
  3. Rinse repeat until FB behaves as you expect it should

The opposite of this can happen. For instance, you are on a page that works fine and then you move to a page you don't want to collect from. Because of the local cache issue, the script still assumes you are on the last page and will continue to try to run, sometimes causing error messages. You may use the same technique above to fix this issue.