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I am but a poor man with little time to spare. These scripts are offered free of charge for anybody that can use them. If you benefit from these scripts, please take the time to donate to my cause, even if its just a dollar. The link below will take you to a secure paypal port that links directly to my account. No amount is too much or too little.

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Quick Setup Guide
This script requires more than just an install. Read through the New User Setup to get a walk-through.
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Downloads Page
Install or get updates for all your favorite sidekicks as well as the WM host script.
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Known Issues
View a list of known issues or report a new one on the Known Issues page.
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Revision List
Check out the ongoing Revisions to the WM host script as well as some news for sidekicks.
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Dynamic Tutorial
Get advanced help to create your own dynamic test codes on the Dynamic Tutorial page.
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Sidekick Tutorial
Test your javascript skills and create your own sidekick using the Sidekick Tutorial.
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Other Scripts
Make your collection and gift sending experience even faster. Try out some of the Other Scripts.
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About Wall Manager
Read up on the history and current functions of FB Wall Manager.